Definition (Oxford):


1. Undo or be undone after winding or being wound.
1.1 Relax after a period of work or tension. 

Whether urban, suburban, or rural...

...modern life regularly presents us with plenty of challenges to staying healthy.  The result:  we're frequently 'wound up' - feelings of tension, discomfort, and pain ranging from persistent anxiety to body aches and muscle restriction to mental distress and physical exhaustion.  

Making healthy lifestyle choices is the key to good health - mitigating the 'urban wind-up' through exercise, healthy eating, proper sleep habits, stress management, mindfulness meditation, and other regular self-care, including massage therapy.

Massage therapy offers more than just taking a restful break from work.  At its best, it involves well-rounded healing for mind and body, 'unwinding' in a complete way.  That balanced body-and-mind healing experience is always the chief goal at Urban Unwind Wellness, with wellness plans specific to each client's individual needs.